Modi Fever: Man writes cheque for Rs 5 for using public toilet !


Demonetisation: 5rs. Cheque Viral Image Came Out !!

India Go Cashless : Man takes a unique way towards cashless india. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should appoint this man as the brand ambassador of his scheme to make India go cashless. Why? Because he apparently used a public toilet and paid the nominal charge by cheque

Indian Central government is encouraging online transactions. Since India is going through severe cash crunch. Well, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should look after this person to be the face of his push to make Indians shift to cashless transactions. This man from Madurai found a unique way to handle the demonetisation issue. He apparently used the public toilet and paid the Rs. 5 he owed by cheque.

5rs. Cheque got viral
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While Surfing on Internet, A Facebook user — Brm Muralidharan — shared a picture of the Rs.5 cheque on his page and it went viral. This image has went through Up’s & Down’s as it got mixed reactions from it viewers. Muralidharan seemed to consider demonetisation as a step towards achieving a cashless economy. After this he didn’t stop he had addon to the image with supporting cashless transaction. He Added to his post, “Country moving towards ‘Cashless Economy’. Payment made by cheque for Rs. 5 for using the Public Toilet in Madurai, TN. Goosebumps!!”.The post has till date received nearly 138 shares, 217 likes and more than 37 comments.

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On November 8, 2016, India’s one of the remarkable day or you can say a transforming day, one big step towards black money. Modi had announced a ban on Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. Since then, India has faced a massive cash crunch. Citizens are queuing up at banks and ATMS to deposit old currency and collect new notes. Since the Indian government is encouraging ‘digital economy’, online payments and mobile wallets are becoming the preferred means of transaction. More and more local shops, fruit vendors, vegetable sellers and auto-rickshaws are seen moving towards e-wallets.

But all in all, do you think there is truly a cash crunch in the country?, writing a cheque of Rs 5 does seem a little dramatic. What you feel like ?